About bstarter29

I’m a 20 year old die-hard Braves fan, and
overall baseball fanatic. And like true baseball enthusiasts,
I’m overly cynical, and pessimistic. With baseball, I live by
the phrase, “if it can go wrong, it will.” I rarely fill
myself with optimism, and always anticipate epic collapses,
and heart-breaking scenarios. The few times I’ve tried to
exude confidence in my team, or think I’ve finally mastered
the workings of baseball, the gods smite me for my ignorance.
After years of watching this grand old miserable game, I’ve
learned one thing, never expect anything from it for it will
dispose of you like garbage. But also, never think that you
can escape it, for the haunting lure of baseball reels us in
like the clueless sea urchins we are, and leads us down a
broken path of depression and loneliness that we will
eventually come to adore. Shameless plug time! Follow me on
twitter: http://twitter.com/bstarter29


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